Monday, December 5, 2011

UK in Bahrain, Freedom of speech not for all!

After the crisis and the failed coup of Feb14 by shia leaders in Bahrain, I warned UK Embassy in Bahrain on their official Facebook page about the real face of what called by foreign media “Shia majority" asking against the sunni monarchy _ Bahrain is not ruled by minority sunni _ for political reforms and democracy!

While I was expressing my freedom of speech in the wall of UK in Bahrain Facebook page I was suppressed  by their admin who hid the posts condemning unpeaceful protesters and criminal doctors who hijacked Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).
The posts were warning for the officials in the Embassy and the British Community beside other communities as well living in peace in Bahrain. The warning didn’t reach officials as I never heard or read for once from Mr. William J Hague who’s always concern about Human Rights Violations and defending criminal doctors of SMC, while he never condemn violence in the streets by Hezbollah (Alwefaq) militias blocking roads by chains, burning tires, spilling oil on the highways that could cause death for drivers.

These riots are not affecting only Bahraini, its affecting all residents including the British and expatriates who are living here for years. I’m wondering why the official ambassadors and representatives of foreign countries in Bahrain didn’t condemn violence by rioters? Why they didn’t condemn instigators who were feeding sectarianism and racism and never condemned never condemn or speak about the attacks on expatriates who were tortured and beaten to death by the unpeaceful protesters? These officials didn’t even condemn criminal doctors who betrayed their oath?

BICI report:

“An Al Jazeera video screened on 15 March 2011, showing a patient in a state of convulsions, was presented to the Commission as supporting the accusations regarding the administration of atropine.329 The accusation is that the atropine was used to create similar symptoms (a state of convulsions) to those displayed by an individual who has been exposed to nerve gas, in orderto incriminate the security forces. One doctor stated that there was an order from two of accused doctors to give atropine to patients. An employee at SMC stated that he saw one doctor administer atropine to patients”

“An ambulance driver stated that during the protests at the Financial Harbour, which took place from 6 to 11 March 2011, he saw protesters throw blood ontheir clothes and bodies in order to appear injured”

"The Commission received reports that foreigners were attacked on the streetsof Manama. A report prepared by the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairsdetails an incident on 13 March in which an angry mob locked approximately40 Pakistanis in Alkuthoot Restaurant and tried to set it on fire”

“Late in the evening of 13 March 2001, a group of individuals entered a residential building in Manama that was inhabited mostly by Asian workers. The group began attacking residents, among whom was a Pakistani citizen named Mr. Abdul Malik Gholam Rasul, who was beaten to death”

On November 18, Saboteurs yesterday escalated their campaign against schools, targeting Salmabad Girls' Primary School and Sanabis Boys' Primary School. They set fires near school fences in a bid to show chaos and spark panic among little children.The situation was later brought under control, blazes put out and the scared children calmed.The saboteurs also targeted several other schools across Bahrain, hurling stones and attacking watchmen. GDN reported

On November 12, Bahrain breaks up terror cell was planning to carry out attacks in the Gulf kingdom.Four members of the group were held in neighbouring Qatar and one in Bahrain, the state-run BNA news agency said.The group had reportedly planned to target the interior ministry building in the capital Manama, the Saudi embassy and also the causeway linking the island with Saudi Arabia and famous journalists known for their criticism to Alwefaq.

While the Bahraini government didn’t take an action against saboteurs, rioters and their instigators; Yesterday (December 5, 2011) the terrorists planted an unknown type of device under the front of a minibus outside the British embassy in Manama. The incident occurred on government road shortly after midnight, blowing off the vehicle's front wheel and bumper and leaving a 30cm-diameter hole under the driver's seat.Five cars were damaged in the explosion that showered debris up to 32 metres away, but nobody was injured.

What I did this morning after long time for not posting on the wall of UK in Bahrain facebook page is as follow:

I replied to the members of the page:

 The result is: I’m BLOCKED again!


My message to the British ambassador in Bahrain Iain Lindsay: The TRUTH HURTS

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