Saturday, December 24, 2011


As received a testify to whom it may concern, 

                                                                                              21 JUNE 2011

Dear Sir,

I am a male staff nurse working at the Salmanyia medical complex accident and emergency department. There is something I like to share that had deeply disturbed me and had made me come to the verge of resigning and going back to my country. During the time when the hospital was taken over by terrorists there was one incident that had happened on the 13th of March which was deeply disturbing to me and my colleagues.

I was doing duty in the ‘B’ room when at about 8 pm some Indians and Pakistani patients were brought to the room. They were very badly beaten up and they were continually being beaten while in the room. I was very scared since I too am an Indian and all the other staff working in the room was also Indian. There were many Bahraini religious men who were there and spitting and beating these poor patients. We were clearly told not to help them or we would suffer the same consequence. I wanted to help them but I was afraid. 

I saw one man who often came to the hospital and taking morphine and tramal for headache and flank pain. He was with these religious men wearing black clothes. He came to me and pulled me from my collar and told me get out of the room or I will be hurt. He pulled me to the side and started spitting and hitting one of the Pakistani patients. He had some steel object in his hand and he used it to hit these men. I was angry but also scared. I wanted to help but could do nothing.

Recently I saw this man again at the hospital. He had come after a long time now to take some morphine. He should be punished for what he has done. I went behind him and confirmed with the other staff that it was the same person. I took his CPR number. His name is M-F-T-R CPR number: 8-6. He was perfectly fine and still very arrogant with the staff. He still thought that he was untouchable and superior to all. This kind of person should be punished. He should deserve what he has done. 

He should be tortured like he has done to the others and mental stress to the staff.

I request that this information that I have given be taken seriously and all such people punished.

Thank you.

Staff Nurse

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