Saturday, December 3, 2011


The Hospital That Was Hijacked

First testify:

It was towards the end of February 2011 and I had come to the hospital as a Disaster was announced. All Emergency doctors were summoned. As I approached the hospital I saw a large crowd of people gathered in front of the emergency chanting and shouting. It was difficult for me to enter but I somehow managed. I saw people coming in by ambulance and private cars claiming to be affected by tear gas but none of them had any signs of tear gas inhalation and most of them were malingerers. I even saw some of them returning to the emergency again after being discharged and re registering themselves as new patients. I believe that more than 90% of the patients were not even sick enough to have to come to the emergency.

The antigovernment protesters were camped outside the emergency and the so called clerics would give them a speech every night. These speeches were  broadcasted through multimedia projectors. On one particular night I was surprised to see a speech video of Iran where a cleric was speaking in Persian and someone else was translating. I thought to myself what on earth is going on? Is this a hospital or a political camp?

I also witnessed clerics visiting the rooms of patients and thanking them for protesting as well as the doctors giving them “VIP treatment”.

During the last few days of this madness thing started to get out of control. It was during these days (15 & 16 March 2011) that these so called protesters (I call them TERRORIST) almost made it impossible for us to work in the hospital.

They were controlling traffic with sticks, wandering and patrolling inside the hospital with swords and preventing people from getting inside. I once heard a RACIST lady enter one of the treatment areas saying loudly that this hospital is full of Indians pointing at the Indian nurses.

The main feeling that I had on a daily basis while going to work is that I felt that this is not a hospital but rather a place that was hijacked by these terrorist. I would like to sincerely thank the government of Bahrain for taking things under control and clearing this mess.  
Second testify:

I am a Bahraini medical staff member in Salmaniya .. plz  I want my story of what happened in Salmaniya to be told to people.

Being a human being it is my duty to let people know the reality of what happened in Salmaniya on Saturday night and part of Sunday 13th March 2011 in Salmaniya emergency. I was present there in emergency, I am narrating to you the incident about Pakistani labor workers who came to emergency, the arrival of Pakistanis beaten to death was hailed as a moral victory for narrow minded medical staff of SMC including some doctors and nurses which were chanting victory slogans as they had achieved a victory and against our king these poor labor guys were taken out of ambulances as animals with hands coughed, kicked and spitted upon by the staff and was oozing blood from their body were kicked and verbally abused as they had come to a prison not a hospital where patients are slaughtered.

The poor labor guys whom I talked to were innocent laborers who had been sleeping in their rooms in Manama when armed people attacked them in about 30-40 with knives, swords and sticks, these guys got fractures, wound lacerations, and were then set on fire by INHUMAN TERRORISTS, after a delayed of initial treatment some of doctors and nurses refuse to treat them saying that these are loyal people of government and should not get treatment, one of critically injured was left to die as they thought there was no purpose saving his life and allowed some cameraman and video makers of some fundamental channels to take picture even before they started treatment, they treated them like ANIMALS, the patients were shifted to another room where I saw them being threatened to say what the FALSE MEDIA  and hospital staff people wanted them to say, they wanted to portray that these guys were ministry or army and the poor labor guys were asked that how much money has government given you to kill protesters, with a stand on camera in place like shooting in some television studio and people threatening to say that police had harmed them, they were beating the patients and telling them to confess or they will kill all of them, these already beaten to death were crying and pleading for their lives this was happening in the presence of some TERRORIST DOCTORS, nurses and security staff, watching all this I felt like crying, after seeing the INHUMAN behavior of staff of SMC, they are not worth calling humans felt really disgusted wanted to do something but was helpless there was no security in hospital to which I could go and complain.

I said to Allah (GOD) in my heart, ya Allah you  are watching this and you only decide what should be done with those who are a SHAME to HUMANITY rest this case on Allah!!!!, people in SMC are mercenaries, but now as army has taken over the hospital I am hopeful good changes will come and I welcome this move by the government, these in human staff had made this hospital into a terror camp I sometimes feel like I am working in Iran not Bahrain where people are forced to practice unethical things.

I want the Bahraini government to kick out these RACIST doctors belonging to political sect, these senior doctors are BRAINWASHING the new generation of doctors to be with a political sect and gives negative vibes against our king, always portraying that the government has done something wrong while on contrary these people try to give a negative image of our government to world and false media, all this is AGAINST the HYPOCRITES OATH OF DOCTORS as well as ethics, I also would like this so called NEGATIVE MEDIA to be BANNED from viewing in hospital, these reporters don’t respect the confidentiality of patients at the time of pain which is AGAINST all MEDICAL ETHICS and HUMAN RIGHT ACTIVIST to take action against these medical doctors and nurses and these FALSE MEDIA reporters and kick these people out of SMC.

I am hiding my identity, and I am not going to work in SMC until security is assured to people of Bahrain, 
and I love Bahrain, love my King, love people of Bahrain whether they are sunni or shia, all are brothers and sisters, thanking you from a Bahraini who loves this country.

May this country become more peaceful and heaven on earth, Ameen  

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