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BICI report: Hezbollah in Bahrain (Alwefaq) is sectarian, racist opposition

November 23rd, is a historical day for Bahrain and I consider it as the day of glory and proud for Bahrainis and for H.M King Hamad.  

“My pleasure to witness today with the decent audience an important legal and political event, I consider it the first in the region for its type and uniqueness, because for the first time the state take the initiative solely immediately after the events without waiting for international or regional pressures to form International Investigation Committee involved respectable members ..” Bassiouni said.    

“Having heard the important speech of the Chair of the Independent Commission of Inquiry, we extend our sincere thanks to the Chair and the Commissioners, as well as their staff, for their remarkable efforts. You merit our deep appreciation. Your Report is of profound value to us. By taking to heart your findings and recommendations, the people of Bahrain can make this day one that will be remembered in the history of this nation”  King Hamad said

“The government must resign!” Alwefaq said

BICI proved for the world Hezbollah’s in Bahrain (Alwefaq) sectarian, racist, fake revolution and the myth of Shiites majority in Bahrain.


“According to the 2010 census, the total number of persons residing in Bahrain is 1,234,571. Of these, 568,399 are Bahraini citizens (46%) and 666,172 are expatriates (54%).19 Of the total population of Bahrain, 70% are Muslim, while the remaining 30% are Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish or followers of other faiths.20 There are no recent publicly available figures on the exact size of the Sunni and Shia communities of Bahrain. A census undertaken in 1941 prior to Bahrain‘s independence placed the percentage of Sunnis at 48% and Shia at 52% of the Muslim population.21 Current unofficial estimates vary between 60-70% Shia and 30-40% Sunni, although these figures, and demographic data in Bahrain generally, are a contentious issue”

A leaked official study from July 4th to November 15th, 2010 published by Aljazeera on August 3rd, 2011 placed Sunnis at 51% and Shias at 49%. 


“The Government of Bahrain (GoB) over the past ten years has embarked on a series of structural reforms. These include the launch of Bahrain 2030‖, which the GoB describes as an economic vision for the country, which emphasizes expansion of the service, financial, tourism and high-tech sectors”

“New independent regulatory bodies also have been established in association with the EDB. These include agencies overseeing higher education, labour and telecommunications. International consultancy firms have been actively involved in the establishment and operation of most of these bodies”

“According to figures produced by the Bahrain Economic Development Board, unemployment rates were below 4% at the beginning of 2011, and subsequently rose to around 4% in the following months”
“According to the United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index, Bahrain ranks above the Arab regional average, and is 39th out of 169 countries for which data was available”

“Although there was job loss during the financial crisis, most notably within the financial and real estate sectors, the labour market for Bahrainis has remained relatively stable. Around 83% of the total workforce is comprised of non-nationals”

“Bahrain‘s economy has experienced consistent growth over the past decade; the GDP real growth rate was 3.1% in 2009 and 4% in 2010.47 GDP per capita has also been steadily increasing and reached USD 20.475 in the first decade of the century”  

“Bahrain was the first country in the GCC to introduce formal education in 1919. The literacy rate is nearly 90%. Education is not compulsory, but all levels of education, including higher education, are free to Bahrainis. There are three public universities in the country. In addition, Bahrain has 15 private universities, as well as local branches of foreign universities”


“The Supreme Council of Women was established in 2001 as an advisory body with the stated goal of empowering women at all levels of Bahraini society. Women were granted suffrage and the right to stand for office under the National Action Charter. In 2006, a woman was elected to the Council of Deputies for the first time in Bahrain. This was the first time a woman was elected to a legislative chamber in the GCC. Currently, the elected chamber of the National Assembly includes four women representatives.63 However, women make up 27.5% of the Consultative Council appointed by the King. In 2006, Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa became the third woman to become President of the UN General Assembly”


“Relations between locals and expatriates are generally cordial. Indeed, Bahrainis take pride in their reputation for hospitality. Nonetheless, some sources of tension exist”

“Religious, sectarian and ethnic identities are an important aspect of life in Bahrain. For many, Bahrain has been a model of ethnic and intersectarian harmony, particularly when compared with neighbouring societies”

“Some observers and political commentators have depicted Bahraini society as deeply divided between two monolithic communities, Shia and The existence of inter-sectarian tension in Bahrain is undeniable, but a dichotomous image of Bahraini society is both inaccurate and incomplete. Islam is not the only faith practised in Bahrain. Rather, Bahrain is notable for having both Christian and Jewish communities that have lived in the country for many years. Residents of Bahrain also adhere to various other faiths, including Hinduism and Sikhism, and they are all allowed to practise their religions freely. In addition, there are noticeable and sometimes significant differences within the Shia and Sunni communities of Bahrain in relation to their religious affiliation, political views, economic fortunes and social grievances”

Now, Why Hezbollah in Bahrain is racist and sectarian?


“Many Shia argue that sectarian discrimination also exists in the economic sphere and claim that poverty levels among Shia are far higher than among Sunnis. This, they believe, is evidence of structural limitations designed to limit their influence in both the economic and political spheres”

The report:

“The increase in wealth has not however been equally shared across SOCIETY


“Some Shia complain that approvals to construct new mosques are not granted as readily as Sunni mosques, while the GoB contends that the number of existing Shia mosques and shrines surpasses that of Sunni places of worship in the country”

The report:

“Overall, the number of licensed Sunni mosques as of 2008 is 360, while the number of licensed Shia places of worship stands at 863 mosques and 589 ma‟atams”


Represent Hezbollah in Bahrain that follow Wilayat Alfaqeeh ideology as Ali Salman said I’m servant to the religious clerics.

The report:

“Many follow the guidance of Iran‘s Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of the Qum School. Politically, the Grand Ayatollah espouses the doctrine of Wilayat al-Faqih, which grants the religious establishment supreme authority over matters of both faith and state”

That means Iran at least is part of the fake revolution or actually the failed coup by its political religious ideology. To illustrate more the Iranian ideological influence, you may read my previous blog Shame on you Alwefaq


The protesters were peaceful chanting Shias and Sunnis are brothers!

The report:

“Individuals who had gathered at the Financial Harbour began to interfere with traffic on the King Faisal Road. A female member of the Sunni community was stopped by protesters while driving her vehicle. The protesters then attacked her vehicle with sticks and knives. The car was surrounded by a large number of demonstrators, who began pounding on the vehicle and chanting anti-government slogans”

“The Commission received 434 complaints from members of the Sunni community. These included claims of physical abuse, verbal abuse and threats to personal safety. The majority of complainants claimed to have suffered emotional distress caused by these violations or inconveniences. Some complainants stated that they were expressly targeted because of their religious affiliation. In addition, the Commission received complaints concerning damage to private property and Sunni mosques”

“The Commission received 102 complaints regarding physical abuse and 120 complaints regarding verbal abuse suffered by individuals who claimed that they were targeted because they were Sunni”

“Several individuals testified to having witnessed the physical assault of other Sunnis. One witness stated that his colleagues arrived at work covered in their own blood due to attacks by protesters on the way to work.
Alwefaq is racist opposition"

The report:

“The expatriate population in Bahrain is alleged to have been the target of violent attacks during the events of February/March 2011. Most complaints received by the Commission pertained to physical injuries, property damage, economic loss, deprivation of the freedom of movement, denial of medical treatment and attacks at places of worship”

“According to reports by the GoB, incitement against expatriates in Bahrain intensified in the aftermath of the contested 2006 parliamentary elections. The GoB alleges that Al Wefaq is responsible for fuelling antiforeigner sentiment and cites a number of articles as inflammatory. For example, the GoB refers to an article published in 2009 which states that ―the majority of naturalized people are barbarians, ignorant, naive, and they are from the mutaradia and natiha [alluding to Islamic terminology of forbidden animal meat] – and they are of Sunni or Salafi origin”

“Al Wefaq criticised the GoB‘s policy of hiring expatriate and guest workers whilst the unemployment rate of Bahrainis remained high, particularly among the Shia population”

“Statements touched on a variety of subjects including: increasing literacy rates among the naturalised; preferential housing for the naturalised in predominantly Shia areas; the new policy adopted by the Electricity & Water Authority to recruit non-Bahrainis”

“During various demonstrations, antiexpatriate and guest worker chants and slogans were heard. Demonstrators held banners targeting naturalised Bahrainis, threatening them and asking them to leave the country. Some of these banners read: Bahrain is free, free. Oh naturalised get out; Bahrain is free free, Oh naturalised, Oh mercenary, Oh killer, your departure time has come; and Shia plus Sunnis minus naturalised equals a loving country”

After the above which is a brief of what the report expose about Hezbollah’s Peaceful Violence Theory in Bahrain, I’m waiting the implementations of King Hamad speech to end racism and sectarianism in Bahrain:

“We are determined, God willing, to ensure that the painful events our beloved nation has just experienced are not repeated, but that we learn from them, and use our new insights as a catalyst for positive change”

“WE DO NOT WANT, EVER AGAIN, to see our country paralysed by intimidation and sabotage”

“WE DO NOT WANT, EVER AGAIN, to learn that our expatriate work-force, which makes such valuable contributions to the development of our nation, has been repeatedly terrorised by racist gangs”

“WE DO NOT WANT, EVER AGAIN, to see civilians tried anywhere else but in the ordinary courts”

“WE DO NOT WANT, EVER AGAIN, to experience the murder of policemen and the persecution of their families for the work they do in protecting us all; nor do we want, ever again, to discover that any of our law enforcement personnel have mistreated anyone”

And I say:

“WE DO NOT WANT, EVER AGAIN, Alwefaq and its leaders”

“WE DO NOT WANT, EVER AGAIN, Nabeel Rajab to instigate for riots and vandalism”

“WE DO NOT WANT, EVER AGAIN, Isa Qassim to raise Shia kids on hate speeches and sectarianism”

“WE DO NOT WANT, EVER AGAIN, People follow Wilayat Alfaqih and conspire on Bahrain for Iran's ambition to rule the gulf by Shiism”

“WE DO NOT WANT, EVER AGAIN, any pardons on criminals, plotters, and traitors of Bahrain”

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Hezbollah's (Alwefaq) in Bahrain Peaceful Violence Theory 4

Yesterday on November 11, 2011 Feb14 rioters backed by Hezbollah in Bahrain (Alwefaq) and Nabeel Rajab did an operation called "Alharaer Earthquake" as one of their peaceful violent attempts to disturb Bahrain.

The continuous riots in the streets of Bahrain are really bothering the citizens and residents in Bahrain because of the weak government intervention to stop riots and take actions against rioters and instigators and the miserable failure of Ministry of Interior.

The instigators in Bahrain are:

1. Isa Qassim
2. Ali Salman
3. Nabeel Rajab  

In any other country in the world the only single action can be taken due to the Bahraini case is to arrest them, but the Bahraini government unfortunately, surrender its right to protect civilians because of foreign pressures from countries conspires on  Bahrain and fake human rights organizations and activists.

All residence in Bahrain want peace and restore of forgotten security.

As previous blogs collection of stats, pictures and videos of riots:

Cylinders explosions in different cities:

Aker 9 cylinders
Alnoidrat 7 cylinders
Bani jamrah 7 cylinders
Jidd haffs 5 cylinders
Sanabis 3 cylinders
Aldorus 3 cylinders
Sar 3 cylinders
Darklabe 3 cylinder
Sitra - Village 1 cylinder
Tubli 1 cylinder
Juffair 1 cylinder
Demstan 1 cylinder
karazkan 1 cylinder
Albilad alqadeem 1 cylinder
Bure 1 cylinder
Koura 1 cylinder
Teshan 1 cylinder
Almaamer 3 cylinders
Aldeeh 1 cylinder
Alshakhorh 1 cylinder
Ghuraifa 1 cylinder
Alhmlh 1 cylinder
Barbar 1 cylinder
Karrana 1 cylinder
Samaheej 1 cyllinder

Say no to Hezbollah in Bahrain

Say NO to nabeel rajab .. Say yes to ARREST nabeel rajab

Say no to fake media 

Say NO to fake human rights organizations

Say Yes to force of LAW



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Ahmed Jalabi: The basic lie!

A WIKILEAKS CABLE viewer dated on September 14, 2009 started by:

During a 5-day visit, the leaders of Bahrain's Shia opposition discussed national reconciliation and political participation with Iraq's religious and political leadership. The Bahraini parliamentarians felt particularly welcome in Iraq and expect bilateral ties to strengthen

Ended by a comment of the ex-U.S. ambassador in Bahrain Adam Ereli saying:

We expect links between the two Shia-majority countries will continue to grow

From 2009 to 2011 the Shia leaders in both countries didn’t wait too much to tighten there relations as Ahmed Jalabi one of the most notorious crooks in the history of the Middle East. The man, who did more than anyone else in persuading the U.S. to get rid of Saddam as he said, which lead to get rid of Iraq by the military invasion on 2003. Is now taking a new cause against Bahrain in attempt to persuade the U.S again to take an action against Bahrain which is not a Shia majority country!

Ahmed Jalabi the well-known U.S. stooge and a convicted criminal with an endless history of betrayal and corruption is collaborating with Hezbollah in Bahrain (Alwefaq) largest Shia opposition political society in Bahrain and others in the GCC who follow the Iranian political religious ideology of Wilayat Al-Faqih against the well of the majority of people of Bahrain who denied the coup against Al-Khalifa ruling family and fall of the regime.

Hezbollah in Bahrain leaders are always denying any foreign interventions in their failed coup earlier this year especially when it comes to Iran. In the same time they meet and collaborate with the Iranian agents in the GCC, Iraq and Lebanon and supporting the criminal regime in Syria who killed more than 3000 since March 15.  

To understand the relation between Hezbollah in Bahrain and Iran, I’ll put the spot on Ahmed Jalabi.

Ahmed Jalabi is simply an Iranian agent with a full history of corruption and betrayal!

Jalabi was one of the first exiled politicians to return to Iraq in the aftermath of the invasion. A US air convoy ferried him, along with approximately 600 members of his so-called Iraqi Free Forces from northern Iraq to Nasiriya. Some of these militiamen were fresh from training in a US military base in Hungary.

USA Today reported Jalabi’s militia looting private homes and intimidating Baghdad civilians. Several of his men were arrested by American forces while robbing a bank. These criminal acts, carried out by the very forces Jalabi hoped would form the nucleus of a rebuilt Iraqi national army, proved something of an embarrassment to the US occupation. The INC caused more trouble when one of its members proclaimed himself the mayor of Baghdad.

Jalabi was put on the U.S. payroll to the tune of $340,000 a month. He cemented his alliance with the neocon establishment by pledging to recognize and sign a peace treaty with Israel when he made it to the top of the emerging post-Saddam Hussein political establishment.

On May 18, 2004 US deputy defence secretary Paul Wolfowitz announced that the Pentagon was suspending a program under which it was paying US$340,000 a month to Jalabi's Iraqi National Congress (INC) party for "intelligence".

In 1992, Jalabi was sentenced in abstentia to 22 years hard labor by a Jordanian state security court on 31 charges of embezzlement, theft, misuse of depositor funds and speculation with the Jordanian dinar. The court also handed down harsh sentences and fines to 16 others, including several brothers and relatives who were members of the Petra board.

Not surprisingly, evidence has begun to emerge that Jalabi is, once again, involved in corrupt activity. Two contracts worth a total of $400 million have recently been awarded to a start-up company run by Jalabi’s old friend and business partner, Abdul Huda Farouki. One of the contracts was for securing Iraq’s oil infrastructure. Members of Jalabi’s militia now staff Farouki’s security force, which guards a number of oil installations and pipelines. Newsday cited an “industry source” who claimed that Jalabi received a $2 million kickback for ensuring that his friend won the contract.

Jalabi has spoken at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs in Washington, and, according to some reports, has visited Israel. He has called on all Arab countries to recognise the Zionist state On a trip to the US in 1985, Jalabi had already met and befriended Richard Perle, a leading “neo-conservative”. Perle, then working in the Reagan administration, became Jalabi’s fervent supporter in Washington. By the mid1990s, Jalabi had met with a number of powerful Republican figures, including Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney!

Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and other Republicans also promoted Jalabi as a pro-Israel ally.

In a 1998 interview with the Jerusalem Post, Jalabi described Arab hostility to Israel as “an esoteric confrontation that has become a substitute for real progress toward democracy and human rights in Iraq” The vehicle for Jalabi’s ambitions became the Iraqi National Congress (INC), founded in 1992. The INC was sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a loose alliance of Kurdish factions, monarchists, Islamists, former Baathist generals and exiled businessmen. The CIA poured an estimated $100 million into the organisation in the early 1990s.

The unprecedented act enshrined “regime change” in US law. Iraqi opposition groups were promised $97 million, not all of which was forthcoming. Most of what was, however, ended up in the INC. Following allegations of financial improprieties, an official audit was launched in 2001. This revealed widespread misuse of the funds, including the purchase of artwork for the INC’s Washington office and gym memberships for staff. According to the Washington Post, after the White House intervened, the audit was halted.


“The permutations are infinite, once you’ve brought off the BASIC LIE.”
George Smiley in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Aram Roston, wrote on 2008 about Jalabi, “The Man Who Pushed America to War-The Extraordinary Life, Adventures, and Obsessions of Ahmad Jalabi”

Under the Iran connection wrote:

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Quds Force, which is tasked to propagate Iran’s Islamic Revolution, divided its operations in Iraq into three directorates after the U.S. invasion. The southernmost is referred to by the Quds Force as the “Ramadan,” or “Ramazan” (in Farsi), command, and the complex Iranian operations there are overseen by Gen.

Frouzanda is one of Iran’s master operatives. U.S. military and counterterrorism officials treated him as a “high-value” intelligence target for years, even before the Iraqi invasion, and they try to track
his whereabouts. They believe he cut his teeth working in Lebanese Hezbollah operations against the United States and Israel in the 1980s.

Jalabi had met him at least twice before the war, according to former INC offical Nabeel Musawi.
There can be no doubt about Frouzanda, according to American intelligence experts. “He is a murderer of Americans,” said a former CIA official familiar with Frouzanda’s file and with the hunt for him!

Once the United States invaded Iraq and Jalabi continued to accept DIA cash, according to U.S. intelligence sources, he did not cut himself off from Frouzanda or other members of Iranian  intelligence. In the late winter and spring of 2004, the United States was battling Sunnis in the west of Iraq and Shiites in the south, and cracking down on Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army. Jalabi had positioned himself ever more closely to the Shiite bloc.

It was in this same time frame that the NSC intercepted communications indicating that Tehran had been warned its codes had been broken. It was a high-level breach of U.S. intelligence. Soon, the FBI began investigating. “It was an enormous investigation,” said a CIA official on the ground at the time.

Certainly Jalabi continued to deal with Iran. Middle East intelligence sources maintain that Jalabi’s operation collecting Baathist files and documents after the U.S. invasion was useful for the Iranians. One intelligence source alleged in an interview that “He gave intelligence documents to the Iranian MOIS” (Ministry of Intelligence and Security). But if he did, there is no law against this, especially if they were not actually U.S. documents.

Officials began to reexamine the relationship Jalabi’s INC had maintained with the Iranians all along. “The Defense Intelligence Agency has concluded that a U.S.-funded arm of Ahmed Jalabi’s Iraqi National Congress has been used for years by Iranian intelligence,” reported Newsday’s Knut Royce, “to pass disinformation to the United States and to collect highly sensitive American secrets, according to intelligence sources.”

After the war, some speculated that Jalabi may have been an Iranian intelligence “agent” throughout the 1990s and may have lured America into war on behalf of his real spymasters in Tehran. Both the CIA and the DIA suspected the INC was penetrated by the Iranians all along. But this new allegation ratcheted up the concerns several notches, in calling Jalabi an active agent.

A more precise analysis is put forward by former CIA officers who believe that Jalabi was probably an “agent of influence” for Iran. They doubt he was paid anything but believe there was a convergence of interests and a loyalty to the Shiite regime there. Whitley Bruner, who first contacted him all those years ago on behalf of the CIA, came around to that view after seeing how influential Iran was in the new Iraq. Bruner acknowledges that there are different ways to see it. “You can make a coherent case that he’s been an Iranian agent since the beginning. If you look at it from that prism, it makes sense,” he says. But Bruner actually discounts that “agent” theory in favor of the “agent of influence” interpretation. “It became a question to me: what were his long-term objectives, and where, other than himself, are there allegiances? I think when he thinks big, Iran plays a major role. I guess I come belatedly to the idea that there was a very close sense of identity with Jalabi in terms of Iran, and a very emotional tie. Whereas the Americans were always just a means to an end. We were much more of an instrument. The Iranian role was long-term.”

Robert Grenier, who also was part of the CIA’s Iraqi Operations Group in the early days and later during the U.S. invasion, says certainly in pure intelligence terms, weighing his behavior over the years, he was indisputably more helpful to Iranian intelligence than he was to the CIA.

Key is this: there is no evidence that he ever told U.S. intelligence anything about his contacts in Iran, while there is significant evidence that he told Iranian intelligence about his dealings with the United States.

For Jalabi, Iran is the place where power and Shiism have come together in the form of the Islamic Revolution. He is very loyal to Iran.He was loyal to the Shah, but when the Iranian Revolution took place he switched allegiance.” David Hirst, Jalabi’s friend at the Guardian, noticed the same thing after the Islamic revolution in Iran: “He was very, very excited about Shiite self-assertion.”

In other reports by Newsday  “Patrick Lang, former director of the DIA's Middle East branch, said he had been told by colleagues that Jalabi's US-funded program to provide information about weapons of mass destruction ... was an Iranian intelligence operation". Lang claimed it had been "one of the most sophisticated and successful intelligence operations in history"

What Ahmed Jalab i, Hezbollah in Bahrain (Alwefaq) and all the traitors of our nation desreves:





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Hezbollah's (Alwefaq) in Bahrain Peaceful Violence Theory 3

Riots in the streets of Bahrain on November10, 2011


Say no to fake Human Rights Organizations 

 Say no to Nabeel Rajab and fake Human Rights activists

Say no Hezbollah in Bahrain 


To whom it may concern.

I am writing this letter to give an accurate account of what has taken place at Salmaniya hospital on 13th match which I have witnessed from morning till late night.

Let it be clear that I am writing this as I feel obligated to tell the truth against all the lies spread by the opposition and their thugs who terrorized our hospital for a month. I would also like it to be known that the hospital staff (doctors, nurses, auxiliary, security) were all involved and assisted in creating and spreading propaganda against the government and royal family.

At the morning when we received the disaster bleep I was already present at the hospital and was involved directly in treating hundreds of patients as they came into the hospital RR, emergency and the hospital car park.

During the morning I have seen and heard a few senior doctors like Dr.Dunia Hashmi and other Senior doctors of Medicine and Orthopedics department spreading false claims to reporters and staff that nerve gas was being used against the protestors.

I can surely verify that none of the protestors I saw or treated showed any of the symptoms for nerve gas inhalation. This was part of the anti-government propaganda they had already prepared beforehand, which I was also asked to spread but I refused.

At the afternoon when we had finished treating and discharging most of the patient from tear gas inhalation, the riots at the Bahrain University started and I saw Dr.Dunia Hashmi and Dr.Abdulaziz (orthopedic consultant) getting into an ambulance with another brother (nurse) from I.C.U. They told me that the situation there was very bad with many injured so I decided to join them.

On the way there they continuously talked against the royal family and how the government wanted to kill all the shias in Bahrain. At the university we were searched by the police then entered the university but the doctors and nurse refused to exit from the ambulance to treat the injured as they claimed they were Sunni / Syrian / Yemeni thugs. I went out alone of the ambulance and brought injured people close or into the ambulance so we could treat them. One of the patients needed to be hospitalized so we too him to Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) hospital as he refused to go to Salmaniya. After this the ambulance and doctors refused to go back to the university as there was no more shia students there and only sunni youth left, so we returned to Salmaniya. 

At the evening around 8.30 pm, 3 Bangladeshi patients were brought in, on seriously injured with multiple head trauma, one with deep cut on left shoulder (taken to theatre) and a third with knife wound to the back. It was difficult to arrange CT scan and X-rays for these patients as sisters in the R.R purposely delayed helping and treating this patients.

After these 6-7 Pakistani were brought in, with tied hands and feet. I witnessed these patients who were badly beaten, hurt and cut with swords were being harassed, beaten and treated badly by the thugs and hospital auxiliary staff on the way to the R.R. At first we were told by the thugs and forced to treat them while their hands and feet are still tied, to which our senior doctor (Dr.Amjad) refused and opened the ropes himself.

While taking history and treating these poor and scared Pakistani patients who were obviously laborers, random people would come and take pictures and video and ask them how much money they too from government to kill shias. The R.R nurses refused to help them or help me to help them saying “They are government dogs, they deserve what happened to them and they should die!’

All the Bahraini shia nurses together on this point in the R.R and the patients just lay there without treatment.
The stable patients were then taken to the step down rooms of A and B behind door as the mob of protesters were continuously trying to get in to threaten them or beat them. False rumors was being told outside to the protesters that these people were spies of the government and secret police who took money for killing shia people in Manama.

Passing by A and B room I was witness to random people beating, punching these Pakistani patients with no action from hospital security. No doctors or administration staff doing anything to help them so I decided to do something myself by instructing all patients to be transferred to B room for security and called 4 security to guard the room. Later on I have seen protesters with knives and small swords hidden under clothes and jackets trying to get in to room B to harm these patients. Their CPR and mobiles were confiscated. They were repeatedly threatened that they would be killed today in the hospital.

One of the shia mullah outside with the aid of 5-6 other men wearing green security jackets and Dr.Saed Samahiji (Ophthalmology) assisted in interrogation, blackmailing each patients in B room for at least 15 minutes each while filming with video camera forcing them to make false confessions.

These injured patients many of them could not still get X-rays were not able to get out of the room,  knives were held to their necks and they were repeatedly slapped, beaten and forced to say on video camera that they took 20 B.D from government to kill shias and that they are undercover police for interior. Dr.Samahiji actively assisted them in this interrogation with every patient. I watched this for 4 patients and when I tried to stop them by saying what they were doing is illegal, they put a curtain around me and pushed me out, saying “this is not your business!”

I informed my senior Dr.Dunia hashmi who came and saw the situation in B room with her own eyes of this inhumane abuse of patients. We informed Dr.Amin Awadhi (Chief medical staff) who decided arrange transfer to BDF as it was not safe here and this was a serious security concern. He told us to make a list of all patients and give him so he could give the details to BDF.

My self and Dr.Iqbal making a list in B room. Dr. Samahiji aggressively came and told us to stop this and forcefully took the paper from my hand which I took back from him. Another lady lab assistant started shouting that this doctor is helping these Pakistani murders and said I should be fine filmed and my name taken and I should be punished. Another lady doctor from Psychiatry was watching all this. I told Dr.Samahiji that I was not afraid of him and his thugs and if  he had a problem with Dr.Amin Awafhi’s order, then he should talk to him. 

It should be noted that all nurses in B room are witness to all the events taking place in B room.

I gave the list to Dr.Dunia Hashmi outside B room and the thugs took it away from her and she easily gave it to him. He said “These people cannot leave the hospital!” and hospital security said loudly to me that there is message inside for you” if you don’t stop what you are doing right now, you are making serious trouble for yourself and we will take care of you!”. This direct threat to me was witnessed by Dr.Dunia, Dr. Iqbal and Dr. Nabeel Bastawisi.

I went with Dr. Dunia to R.R who told me I should leave the hospital straight away as terrorists were inquiring about me and my CPR and I was in serious danger if I did not leave. I told her that I will not leave until I’m sure that the Pakistani patients are safe. I waited in R.R till the confirmation came that BDF accepted the patients and I was escorted by one of the brother (Abdulshaheed) from the back door of gynecology to my car. I was advised not to come to the hospital for a few days as these terrorists will try to look for me and harm me. I left home at 12.30 am.

Later, Dr. Moncef took the patients to X-ray and shifted the patients from behind the hospital in 3 ambulances to BDF at 1.30 am.

It is to be noted that many people involved in this scenario I cannot identify by name but by face recognition.
I only wish and request the government and royal family that the people involved in this unethical and inhuman abuse be brought to justice. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Since September 11, 2011 the US administration launched the WAR ON TERRORISM to end what is called ALQAEDA and arrest or kill its leader OSAMA BIN LADEN who was accused of World Trade Center attacks. 

Since I watched the planes clash the towers of World Trade Center, I don't know why I felt there is something wrong going on. After a while G.W. Bush invaded Afghanistan to destroy Alqaeda and kill Osama Bin Laden to end terrorism and save the remaining pride of America after 9/11. Iraq was next in 2003 to save the world from Sadam Hussain's weapons of mass destruction that couldn't save him from the invasion! 

What I want to say there are hidden facts from us; the regular people busy with life, family, finding new job, raising kids and for others making money and business.

To shortcut what I want to say I collected to you some videos showing the "MYTH OF 9/11" and how we "the  regular people were fooled" 

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Inside 9/11 - Hijacking the air defense

Pentagon Opens Doors to 9/11 Attack

9/11: Sound Evidence for WTC 7 Explosions and NIST Cover Up

The Real Meaning of the Original World Trade Center Attack

Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

Outfoxed: Bill O'Reilly attacks 9/11 victim's son