Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lane Liz a story for Bahrain generations

It is too hard to write about someone words cannot describe how great, patriotic, inspiring, real leader …etc. as Lane Liz.

The Feb14 failed coup was faced by unexpected warriors were fighting behind the curtains; defending Bahrain more than some Bahrainis! From dozens of lies, reports and false news in the media and fake Human Rights Organizations lead by unfair and biased reporters exaggerating the events, ignoring the real majority in Bahrain.

BICI report:

“According to the 2010 census, the total number of persons residing in Bahrain is 1,234,571. Of these, 568,399 are Bahraini citizens (46%) and 666,172 are EXPATRIATES (54%). Of the total population of Bahrain, 70% are Muslim, while the remaining 30% are Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish or followers of other faiths”

Lane Liz was one of 666,172 expatriates living in Bahrain with her family for years in peace until she was threatened by Feb14 racist, sectarian, fake movement.

Liz began as lots to write in the Facebook pages of Newspapers, Reporters, Human Rights Organizations, and UK Embassy in Bahrain.  After a while, she became an admin of several FB pages showing the truth and exposing the Safavids in Bahrain.

Liz’s account was hacked several times although her FB pages although her e-mail that contains personnel information of her family could make her at risk. 

Expats of Bahrain 1: Closed by FB administration after reports by Almodammer army.

Expats of Bahrain 2: Hacked by AlBaharna Shield!

Bahrain: Hacked by AlBaharna Shield!

We are Bahrain: Closed by FB administration after reports by Almodammer army.

British Arab Media Watch: Closed by FB administration after reports by Almodammer army and then Hacked by AlBaharna Shield! 

Indeed, Liz was harming the safavids in a way they couldn’t expect. She received dozens of messages threatening her and her family. The threats were mainly murder and physical harm. On june, she was attacked by group of rioters while she was waiting for the green lights in the traffic. The accident is reported in the police and no one was stopped till now!

On Monday, the rioters in Saar attacked Liz and her family accidentally! Her 16-year-old suffered minor injuries on her way home after shopping with her mother and 21-year-old sister when thugs attacked them.
Masked youths hurled stones at the vehicle after the three women drove around an illegal roadblock set up by the yobs. GDN reported

"There were around 20 of them and they attacked our car by throwing stones. One of them shattered a window and hit my daughter on the back of her head” Liz said in the GDN

The details of the Vicious attack will be published soon.

Why an Irish women would fight and defend Bahrain and resist the fake revolution especially, after receiving threats of murder?   

BICI report:

“Relations between locals and expatriates are generally cordial. Indeed, Bahrainis take pride in their reputation for hospitality”

“Religious, sectarian and ethnic identities are an important aspect of life in Bahrain. For many, Bahrain has been a model of ethnic and intersectarian harmony, particularly when compared with neighbouring societies”

"Bahrain is notable for having both Christian and Jewish communities that have lived in the country for many years.72 Residents of Bahrain also adhere to various other faiths, including Hinduism and Sikhism, and they are all allowed to practice their religions freely”

At the end Bahrain is grateful for you Liz and appreciates all your efforts.

God bless you Liz and your family.


I didn't write her full story for defending Bahrain. 

Wait for more 

Masked thugs attack family

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