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Real Story: (UK in Bahrain Embassy’s official Facebook page) UK’s FB page Terms of Use VS My Terms of Use!

My story with the UK in Bahrain Embassy’s official Facebook page began when I liked it as I usually do with many pages related to Bahrain. In the beginning I had no intentions of participating by posting topics or having a political debate about Bahrain's crisis as I thought its supposed to be an official page for British residents in Bahrain for their inquiries.
I used to check the page regularly, after a while I realized that the page is not only for the British residents’ inquiries – it was also used for Alwefaq's propaganda and posts about Bahrain that were only supporting the racist, sectarian, fake revolution!
I decided to take the initiative and post about the real Bahrain’s revolution and peaceful rally at Alfateh’s Mosque square and streets of Bahrain on the 21st February, 2011 under the name of The Gathering of National Unity which encompassed all the Bahraini’s.
My aim was to create a balance and show the truth of the opposition’s hidden propaganda, the violations that  the unpeaceful protesters committed (or as UK named them rioters) and riots and havoc created on the streets of Bahrain - turning the land of peace to a land of fear for a whole month that ended with violence.
After a short period I realized that my posts were making a difference and had bothered Alwefaq’s supporters and the administrators of the British Embassy’s site in Bahrain!

At the beginning I thought the Administrators were doing their job, but with time, I realized that he’s hiding my posts and comments on purpose and not only me, my supporters as well.

What I did and still doing is showing the truth of Alwefaq and Feb14 movements by evidence I obtained through YouTube videos and articles from different newspapers locally and internationally.
Alwefaq refused all initiatives by the regime, ignored and still ignoring more than 300,000 Bahrainis that have rallied in Alfateh’s mosque square and streets of Bahrain on February 21st and March 3rd against fake revolution rioters - giving the legitimacy to the Al-Khalifa rulers and asking for His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman (the Prime Minister) to remain in power.
Second, After seeing these numbers of people at the rally, I and thousands of Bahrainis realized that Shiites are not majority in Bahrain as we were told through the media and believed that since our childhood. The rally has shown Shiites and sunnis percentage are approximately equal - the International media however, still insists in each article that Bahrain is Shiites majority facing ruling sunni minority. The media have also failed to mention the Iranian interventions in Bahrain not only logistically but also religiously by Wilayat Alfaqeeh (the Iranian supreme Leader) political thought as Ali Salman the head of Alwefaq said in a press conference he’s a servant to the religious reference. However, recently some newspapers started to address the Iranian threats to Bahrain especially after its support to the Syrian regime that kills daily massacres peaceful civilians asking for freedom and democracy. 
The beginning of the change began by The Telegraph with Bahrain and the Arab Spring: time for some realismwritten then This is London A London newspaper wrote about SaeedShehabi head of London based Bahrain Freedom Movement and files relating him to Iran(1). The article quoted “Patrick Mercer, a Conservative MP and security expert, said: "This man's connections with Iran are extremely concerning and embarrassing to those who have praised him as a credible voice on Bahrain". Is that because the conspiracy failed or they discovered suddenly the Iranian interests in Bahrain?
Third, I have tried to respond to allegations by showing the crimes of doctors who have betrayed their oath in Salmaniya Medical Complex -helping protesters occupy the Emergency car parks and the medical facilities. Showing the crimes of feb14 youth who killed brutally the policemen “Martyrs of duty”, attacked unarmed policemen and made an unpeaceful rally to Riffa (A city known of its loyalty to Alkhalifa and sunni 100%).

Bahrainis suffered from the occupation of Salmaniya Medical Complex by protesters  during a whole month being treated on sectarian basis. Fatima Al Abbasi 17 years old as an example died because the ambulance did not come for her rescue. She had severe complications from diabetes and needed immediate medical attention. Her life was lost because no ambulance was sent her.

Some of my posts were posted in an effort by the adminstrators to show that they are not blocking my posts, I have raised this issue to them a number of times.The administrator blamed  Facebook

After a while I knew that my posts not only hidden but only me, my friends and the admin can see and read them.

Then, I decided to confront the administrator by using another account as I choose with a similar name to my old one. I discovered that only my friends from UK page can see my posts which means I was posting for me and my friends.

As a result the administrators of the page was fired or resigned. I don’t know exactly. However, the new administrators are not that good because they follow the same strategy with me and I’m being blocked totally from the wall of the page and I can only post topics on the discussion board. I wrote a topic on the Discussion Board, I considered it aggressive titled “UK in Bahrain Admin you better resign if I'm annoying you !!!” “I’m totally hidden on the wall by the admin” and “Hidden post by admin: Rioters in Sitra”.
The Foreign media’s attacks on Bahrain did not report crimes by rioters against civilians and unarmed policemen, nor did they mention how merciful was the government with the protesters, who were ruining Bahrain’s unity and economy

The thousands of Bahrainis are against the racist, sectarian, fake movement lead by Alwefaq and the seven opposition political societies to prepare for the state of Mahdi as Shiite cleric said in one of his speeches(2) with cooperation with HasanMushaima who came to Bahrain after being pardon by His Majesty King Hamad to all prisoners/opposition who are attempting to convert Bahrain to Republic - Iranian style and overthrough the AlKhalifa’s ruling family even before Feb14 movement
I doubt that officials inside the embassy don’t know what their administrators were doing and still doing.The role of the British embassy and other embassies as well  was really devastating for Bahrainis as they supposed to know how Bahrain is democratic, modern, liberal, protecting human rights, treating citizens according to law, providing training, scholarships for youth to improve their skills through Tamkeen program and other programs provided by Ministry of Labour for free and giving them money during the training period. British Embassy officials supposed to know how unique the political reforms done since 2000 not only in Bahrain and the GCC but in the Middle East and Arab World.
The ex-British ambassador Sir Jamie Bowden is blamed for not showing the truth and supporting Bahrain against riots as he supposed to know the real situation of Bahrain and the Iranian interests in GCC countries. I hope from recent new ambassador Sir Iain Lindsay who said “My family and I are delighted to be here” “The United Kingdom and Bahrain are long-standing and close friends” to at least stand at same distance between parts of conflicts in Bahrain without ignoring the foreign threats to the sovereignty of Bahrain.

Finally, My gift was a poem by member of the page:

Am I bored? Perhaps.

There was once a chap called Khalid
Who felt his comments were valid
But when Facebook decided otherwise
Khalid said it was "foul play guys"
So we all continued to play along
And let Khalid loudly sing his song
But dear Khalid wouldn't stop
He kept blowing his top
Robert pleaded for a human right
And Peter cried "enough mait"
So dear Khalid I say this as, erm, a friend
Just discuss the weather; you'll soon be on the mend

Capisci? (To be spoken like Tony Soprano ...)
UK in Bahrain on july 6, 2011.


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