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Shame on You Hezbollah in Bahrain (Alwefaq)!

Bahrain in the First Decade of the twentieth century has seen the way to a real rise of civilization in order to follow the path of the democratic countries in the world, by making some political reforms which leaded to Public Freedom, outrunning the rest of the countries in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East.

The political reforms were made on some general principles that the democratic countries base on, like freedom of speech, publishing and press, also by supporting the human rights, the right to political participation was guaranteed to all civilians men and women, also the right to form political associations, and to have a membership of any of them, and that in accordance with the provisions of this law " The first article of the political associations Laws".

As for Bahrain 2002 constitution, it provides:

"Freedom of conscience is absolute. The State guarantees the inviolability of worship, and the freedom to perform religious rites and hold religious parades and meetings in accordance with the customs observed in the country" Clause 22

"Freedom of opinion and scientific research is guaranteed. Everyone has the right to express his opinion and publish it by word of mouth, in writing or otherwise under the rules and conditions laid down by law, provided that the fundamental beliefs of Islamic doctrine are not infringed, the unity of the people is not prejudiced, and discord or sectarianism is not aroused" Clause 23

The beginning of the political reform was with the National Action Charter, which is considered a social contract that Bahrain Builds it's political, economic and social renaissance on in this century, for the compatibility it had and the votes in its favour that were 98.4 %, the whole world witnessed its validity and integrity, including all sectors in Bahrain society.

Some excerpts, which are provided in the National Action Charter:

“Government goals are to protect the country, to maintain national unity and to achieve comprehensive, sustainable are protected. Development in political, socioeconomic, cultural and other fields”

“Individual freedoms quality, justice and equal opportunity are core principles of the society. The State shoulders the responsibility of ensuring them for all citizens on an equal footing. This is based on a broader principle, namely, that people are equal insofar as human dignity is concerned”

“Justice is the basis of government. Equality, rule of law, liberty, security, peace, education, social solidarity and equal opportunity are all core principles of the society that are ensured by the state”

“The state ensures freedom of belief. Freedom of conscience shall be absolute. The state maintains inviolability of houses of worship and guarantees freedom to practice religious rites according to considered custom of the land”

“Every citizen shall have the right to express himself orally, in writing or in any other way of expression of personal opinion or creativity. Under this law, freedom of scientific research, publishing, press and printing are ensured within the scope specified by law”

What is contained in the 2002 constitution and The National Action Charter Is greater to be contained in one article, The materials quoted in it are indications of the Bahrain which was wanted to be built on democratic basis, in order to guarantee freedom for the Bahraini individuals, Also the residents from all the communities, for Bahrain being an attraction for many foreign labours significantly.
It was supposed that Bahrain in the last decade under the political and economic openness will go toward a better future, far from violence and sectarianism, even from revolutions! But what happened to the country? How did we reach the February to March crisis that almost burnt the country but God saved Bahrain and us?

The state has mistaken in its right and its citizen’s rights when allowed Hezbollah or Hizb al Dawa (former Alwefaq) to penetrate in the state and to affect number of citizens from the respected shite sector by its poisons sectarian thoughts over complete ten years. And it’s misuse of the religious power that the shite doctrine is giving to its scholars and (jurist custodians) to influence the voters/electors whether participate or not in the political process.

The Bahraini Hezbollah not only followed the idea but sought to apply it in real under the existing freedoms and will not be going far if I say it probably got successful in making a state inside a state. we used to see flags and pictures of Lebanese Hezbollah, Khamenei and Khomeini’s pictures in marches of the Bahraini Hezbollah, and the strange thing is the state did nothing and maybe did not pay attention to this serious matter, which indicated that it indicates that someone is trying to remove/take off the Gulf and Arabian identity of Bahrain by religious intellectual influence. And it is one of the most dangerous methods of (stealing) person’s freedom from the society by mind control.

When Bahrain Hezbollah raised Khamenei and Khomeini’s flags, it was within their schemes to take over the state, and integrate in the Iranian Islamic Project. Hassan Nasr Allah in one of his old recordings in YouTube answered over the question:

What is the regime form that Hezbollah wants at present in Lebanon according to countries status and the multiplicity of sects? His answer was

“At the main time we have no regime plan in Lebanon we believe that we should clear out the colonialism and Israeli situation first then maybe the plan will be implemented. And out plan that has left us with no other choice as being doctrine believers/faithful ideologues is the plan to implement an Islamic state and Islam rule, and is that Lebanon is not one Islamic republic but a part of a big Islamic republic ruled by his deputy and religious leader Imam Khomeini of Imam Mahdi”.

He also said in another question about the fact of Hezbollah’s relation with the Islamic Republic in Iran, he replied

“I am one of those people who work in the passage march of Hezbollah and the systems within it, I will not stay one moment in this system if I did not have conclusive conviction that these systems connect through to the ranks of the religious leader Vindicator edema binding decision. For us this a clear cut issue. Diplomatic and political statements are not the basis in this area"

"We belong to this march, and we sacrifice ourselves for it because we are confident and reassured that this blood is flowing in me as does velayat-e faqih (Leader Vindicator). For us this matter is certain and reassured by the political and diplomatic statement which is not the base of this field”

"This march we belong to it and we sacrifice in it and put ourselves in danger, because we confident and reassured that this blood runs in stream for the jurist state”

In his last question says: who is aware of the political situation and requirement in Lebanon? The diligent scholars who stand up for this situation or the officials in the Iranian republic?

Nasr Allah said without hesitation the knowledgeable is “Imam Khomeini”. In his narrative said

“The Imam who plans, plans for the nation”. Diligents rules come in each and every country that completes Imam’s steps and the one Islamic Nation Project”

As talking about Bahraini Hezbollah all our dear reader has to do is, re-read and alters Lebanon with Bahrain and Hassan Nasr Allah with “Ali Salman” or the Bahraini jurist leader “Isa Qasim”. Here I point out some vocabularies such as “OCCUPATION” for example. Bahrain Hezbollah followers are depicting Bahrain Rulers as occupiers, and policemen as mercenaries and the citizens as nationalized and regime thugs and going further by describing them as slaves!!! Is this a coincidence???

Coming back again for the political association’s law, where it states in article 3

“Political associations contribute which establishes in accordance with the provision of this law to achieve political progress and economic growth in the kingdom. And acts as national, popular and democratic organizations to organize and represent citizens and deepen the culture and political practice in a frame ware of national unity and social peace and democracy and in a manner specified by the constitution and the charter of national action”

And the constitution states in article 27 on:

“Freedom of association and trade unions, on the national bases, and for legitimated objectives, and means, guaranteed in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed by law, provided no prejudice order, and no one should be compelled to join any of the associations or unions or continue”

Once again article 23 to confirm:

Freedom of opinion and scientific research is guaranteed, and every person has the right to express and propagate his opinion verbally, in writing or otherwise, in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed by law, without prejudice to the foundations of the Islamic faith and unity of the people, and discord or sectarianism is not aroused.”

The obvious and beyond any doubt that Hezbollah Bahrain (Alwefaq) during the last crisis was about to execute the integration of Bahrain in the great Iranian Islamic project through Diligent in Bahrain, and are Isa Qassim and Ali Salman, followers of Acting Commander Khamenei. And sought to apply through the establishment of a network of relationships inside and outside the state. Within the state through getting highest positions in the state, alike ministers and heads of boards of management to control the head of volunteerism associations and associations representing various professions inside. As for overseas Wefaq’s meetings which were revealed by Wikileaks documents in the American embassy, relationships, and frequent visits with the Shiite movement in Iraq show that it is the power of real Bahraini Hezbollah after the fall of the project because of God kept Bahrain safe first and then Fateh Revolution on February 21 that surprised and confused, and revealed and revealing their fakeness so far, security imperative intervention of the state is in the final moments to save lives after it was exposed the alleged peaceful with call for the Peninsula Shield forces to deter any external threat and save vital installations.

Hence I say to those who were happy on U.S. President Barack Obama speech, who requested the Government to sit down with harmony and support Ahmadi nejad and Hassan Nasr Allah for them. What a shame. Yes, it is shameful for this association, which claims for national demands and accepts Obama's interventions to pressure the government but also requests intervention by weeping for him on their visits abroad. It is shameful that Hezbollah Bahrain conspires against Bahrain for the religious leader in Iran. It is shameful that Alwefaq exploit freedom for the conspiracy.

Thanks for all people helped in translation and editing  

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