Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Martha A Hisington aka @Trackerinblue EXPOSED!

We thank an informer again for exposing @Trackerinblue …Believe it or not she is the one behind all the petitioning against Bahrain. Look below and see who the person behind the petitioning against Bahrain is…
She was found via this website it seems :
Why? Her interest…..
Look WHY….WHO IS BEHIND THIS: The CEO AT HUMAN RIGHTS BAHRAIN !!! Straight from the United States… Yes, she is not a Bahraini… she is Martha Hisington… Note the name well.

She quotes herself as a “human Being” what kind of Human Being makes fun of others?
Quite clearly she doesn’t even know who Sameera Rajab is yet makes fun of someone else..
She made quite sure with the “Monkey gang” you know who I’m refering to that they deleted and suspended IMMEDIATELY @ambackbh
Like @ambackbh cared. And Martha Hisington so what if the MOI is investigating, hello, KNOCK KNOCK don’t they do this in the United States as CIA? Or FBI? Hmmmmmm
A friend of Mohammed Maskati…. “I am with you in spirit Brother…. Am willing to confront any and all to help you on twitter …” WOW!
Contact Petition Author: Martha Hisington….
And look closely Trackerinblue “expect a drop in business from boycot of your site” sent to Huffington Post.. sincerely Martha Hisington “lover of democracy”

NO TO GRAND PRIX again Martha Hisington

So Helpful of Martha Hisington to comment on Bahrain to who….. The President of the United States of America

Yesterday they were making fun of our Prime Minister, to me That DRAWS A RED LINE!
And guess who was there as always to retweet…..


We have had enough Martha A Hisington  hiding behind an account called @Trackerinblue
Oh and by the way for your information Saddam Hussain was an honorary Citizen of Detroit in 1980… USA

#EATIT as @ambackbh said before you made sure his account was suspended…

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