Monday, November 21, 2011

Hezbollah's (Alwefaq) in Bahrain Peaceful Violence Theory 4

Yesterday on November 11, 2011 Feb14 rioters backed by Hezbollah in Bahrain (Alwefaq) and Nabeel Rajab did an operation called "Alharaer Earthquake" as one of their peaceful violent attempts to disturb Bahrain.

The continuous riots in the streets of Bahrain are really bothering the citizens and residents in Bahrain because of the weak government intervention to stop riots and take actions against rioters and instigators and the miserable failure of Ministry of Interior.

The instigators in Bahrain are:

1. Isa Qassim
2. Ali Salman
3. Nabeel Rajab  

In any other country in the world the only single action can be taken due to the Bahraini case is to arrest them, but the Bahraini government unfortunately, surrender its right to protect civilians because of foreign pressures from countries conspires on  Bahrain and fake human rights organizations and activists.

All residence in Bahrain want peace and restore of forgotten security.

As previous blogs collection of stats, pictures and videos of riots:

Cylinders explosions in different cities:

Aker 9 cylinders
Alnoidrat 7 cylinders
Bani jamrah 7 cylinders
Jidd haffs 5 cylinders
Sanabis 3 cylinders
Aldorus 3 cylinders
Sar 3 cylinders
Darklabe 3 cylinder
Sitra - Village 1 cylinder
Tubli 1 cylinder
Juffair 1 cylinder
Demstan 1 cylinder
karazkan 1 cylinder
Albilad alqadeem 1 cylinder
Bure 1 cylinder
Koura 1 cylinder
Teshan 1 cylinder
Almaamer 3 cylinders
Aldeeh 1 cylinder
Alshakhorh 1 cylinder
Ghuraifa 1 cylinder
Alhmlh 1 cylinder
Barbar 1 cylinder
Karrana 1 cylinder
Samaheej 1 cyllinder

Say no to Hezbollah in Bahrain

Say NO to nabeel rajab .. Say yes to ARREST nabeel rajab

Say no to fake media 

Say NO to fake human rights organizations

Say Yes to force of LAW



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