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Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First: Take your faces off!

Since February 2011, Human Rights organizations didn’t stop reporting about the crisis in Bahrain, trying their best to distort the truth of 14 February movement. Ignoring violence by the roundabout protesters and concentrating on the actions taken by the government of Bahrain to restore peace ––in the tiny Island after people demanded many times to put an end to settlements in the GCC roundabout and return Bahrain back to normal life.

Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, and Human Rights first in their reports and coverage on Bahrain crisis reporting that protesters of the roundabout were peaceful, asking for political reforms and freedom; Doctors were detained because they were treating injured protesters.
Before I start showing what really happened in Bahrain I will show you how Human Rights Organizations Ignored in there reports the rights of at least 350000 plus residents from different nationalities working and living in Bahrain they totally ignored the fact that all these people were under threat because of protesters riots.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 29:

“1. Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible. 

2. In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society

3. These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Bahrain has 21 Christian church groups, 20 Islamic societies, many temples and orgs run by Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahaies and Sikhs beside the main other main body the “Sunni” people. All media and Human Rights organizations ignored the rights of other citizens and the sensitivity of demographic issues that could cause sectarian conflict because they represent the crisis in Bahrain between Shiite majority and minority ruling Sunni Alkhalifa which is not true.


In leaked official study about the demography of Bahrain published on on 4th July, 2011 showing the myth of Shiites majority in Bahrain. It says that Sunnis are 51% and Shiites are 49% based on a study from 4th July to 15th November 2010. The naturalization which opposition are always complaining about didn’t influence the percentages more than 1%.

A report by CNN on 22nd February, 2011 said “Opposition gathered 30000 protesters in its biggest rallies while loyal people gathered in Alfateh mosque square were about 300000 loyal Bahrainis!
Assumption: Even if we assume Sunnis people are minority? Isn’t it considered as discrimination to ignore their rights from all reports by Human Rights Organizations and their activists?


“Sadly in many countries, failure to value and respect diversity has led to the erosion of the rights of persons belonging to minorities, often involving their exclusion from effective participation,” said UN Human Rights chief NaviPillay.

Pillay urged all Member States to take responsibility for minority groups to ensure the implementation of their right to effective participation including in political processes.

“The exclusion of minorities from effective participation in decision making is often rooted in violations of the principles of equality and non-discrimination.” She added: “These principles are a cornerstone of the United Nations and they are embedded in the nine core international human rights instruments.”

The UN Independent Expert on minority issues, Gay McDougall, also called for the active participation of minorities in socio-economic and political issues.

“Societies flourish when all voices are heard, when all opinions are considered; when all citizens participate; and when the talent that exists in all communities is enabled to contribute to political institutions. Inclusion is good for societies at large, not just for those previously left out. So, creating the conditions for the effective participation of minorities should be considered by States as an integral aspect of good governance and a key priority in their efforts to ensure equality and non-discrimination,” said McDougall.


Human Rights in Times of Emergency – United Nations:

“The enjoyment of some human rights may be restricted during times of war orpublic emergency. The international instruments on human rights define a state of emergency as a “.public emergency which threatens the life of a nation”

Amnesty International in its report of 2010:

Three Shi’a activists – Hassan Meshaima’, ‘Abd al-Jalil al-Singace and Mohammad Habib al-Muqdad – appeared before the High Criminal Court in March. They and 32 other defendants, some of whom were being tried in their absence, were accused of financing and planning acts of violence with the aim of overthrowing the government.

In 2011, same characters are accused to topple the leadership of Kingdom of Bahrain:

1 – Establishing and managing a terrorist group to overthrow and change the state constitution with joining that group.
2 – Collaboration with a terrorist organization abroad, working for a foreign country in order to commit hostile acts against the Kingdom of Bahrain.
3 – They attempt to change the state constitution and rules of royal power by force.

The rest of accuses are here:

MITCHELL A. BELFER a journalist in Wall Street Journal said Bahrain is not just another falling domino in the Arab Spring. Nor is it experiencing a surge of spontaneous resistance by its people against their rulers. Rather, Bahrain is the victim of a long cycle of intrigue and interference aimed at replacing the moderate and modernizing Khalifa regime with a theocracy under Tehran's thumb.

The Chairman of the Guardian Council in Iran, Mr. Ahmed Jannati rejected called for an “Islamic Conquest” of Bahrain and Islam should Govern Bahrain (The Shiites Islam and Wilayat Alfaqih). July 9, 2011
Ahmad Vahidi, Defence Minister said “the decision to send foreign forces to Bahrain was a strategic, political, and national mistake...that disrupts the region's security and stability...."  If these "unlawful acts become normalized, the region will turn into a center of hostility, conflict, and incendiaries, the flames of which may extend to the region's nations. March 16, 2011


Wikileaks exposed the violence by Shiites in Bahrain that never reported in the HRs reports.
Vandalism and small clashes between Shiite youths and police are part of a familiar pattern, but recent attacks on south Asians are an ugly departure from the unwritten rules.
The cable refers that only a small number of youth oppositionists turn to violent outbursts as a way to express their radical views rather than provide their arguments through the lawful and civilized channels (parliament, media, political exchanges) while at the same time warns on the escalation of violence that even led to a Pakistani man burned to death.

In 2011, Under the threat of violence by protesters in the GCC roundabout and the conspiracy on Bahrain by the Iranian agents; the government was forced to implement the security solution after fake opposition refused all dialogue initiatives by Crown Prince HRH Sh. Salman bin Hamad and the demand of Bahrain’s real majority to the government to end the settlements in GCC roundabout disrupted the life of citizens and residents in Bahrain.

Violence never reported in media and HRs organizations of the unpeaceful siege of the Financial Harbour district and Salmaniya Medical Complex and the attack on the University of Bahrain:


During the past months HRs Organizations proved its hypocrisy and double standards when UK government crashed the protesters in London with no mercy and arrested 3000 protesters in 3 days only! 
The Metropolitan Police arrested more than 2,000 people in connection with rioting and looting across London. Almost 1,500 people have appeared in court to answer riot-related charges and 70% of alleged offenders have been remanded in Custody.

Of the 1,500 offenders who have appeared in courts nationwide, more than 160 have already been sentenced and half of them jailed. According to a report from BBC on 25th August.
Jordan Blackshaw, 20 years, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22 years were jailed for four years for posting messages on Facebook inciting people to create disorder in their home towns. Their defence lawyers and civil rights groups criticised "disproportionate" sentences as official figures show nearly 1,300 suspects have been brought before the courts.

Sally Ireland, policy director of the law reform organisation Justice, said: "Some instances are completely out of all proportion. The Guardian reported.

The United States of America witnessed the movement ofOccupy Wall Street against corporate greed, bank bailouts and the mortgage crisis that left thousands of Americans practically homeless overnight
HRs activists never reported about the “peaceful” protesters arrest by NYPD.

The protesters have been camped out in Zuccotti Park, a private plaza in New York City’s financial district, for nearly two weeks, staging various marches. On Saturday they took their fight to the Brooklyn Bridge, where at least 700 protesters were arrested.

Police arrested about 30 anti-Wall Street protesters in Portland early Sunday, dragging and carrying them to waiting vans, after they refused to leave a park in an affluent district.

The arrests came after protesters from the Occupy Portland movement marched to the Pearl District, with some saying they viewed its residents as part of the wealthy demographic they're protesting.
Capital Hill police arrested Occupy DC protesters trying to place banners on a U.S. state office building, according to local NBC affiliate in Washington D.C.

The protesters were able to enter the third senate office building, known as the Hart building, and laid down signs saying “End War Now” and “People for the People.”

Police immediately placed them under arrest the minute they put down the signs.

Chicago police arrested 130 "Occupy Chicago" protesters overnight for allegedly being in the city's Grant Park after hours, authorities said Sunday.

The crowd of protesters was estimated at more than 1,000 before police announced they had to vacate the area, said Officer Robert Perez, spokesman for Chicago police. Most of the protesters left and went across the street into a public area, he said, and the rest were arrested.

Do you still care about Human Rights or its only for Bahrain ?

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