Thursday, November 10, 2011


To whom it may concern.

I am writing this letter to give an accurate account of what has taken place at Salmaniya hospital on 13th match which I have witnessed from morning till late night.

Let it be clear that I am writing this as I feel obligated to tell the truth against all the lies spread by the opposition and their thugs who terrorized our hospital for a month. I would also like it to be known that the hospital staff (doctors, nurses, auxiliary, security) were all involved and assisted in creating and spreading propaganda against the government and royal family.

At the morning when we received the disaster bleep I was already present at the hospital and was involved directly in treating hundreds of patients as they came into the hospital RR, emergency and the hospital car park.

During the morning I have seen and heard a few senior doctors like Dr.Dunia Hashmi and other Senior doctors of Medicine and Orthopedics department spreading false claims to reporters and staff that nerve gas was being used against the protestors.

I can surely verify that none of the protestors I saw or treated showed any of the symptoms for nerve gas inhalation. This was part of the anti-government propaganda they had already prepared beforehand, which I was also asked to spread but I refused.

At the afternoon when we had finished treating and discharging most of the patient from tear gas inhalation, the riots at the Bahrain University started and I saw Dr.Dunia Hashmi and Dr.Abdulaziz (orthopedic consultant) getting into an ambulance with another brother (nurse) from I.C.U. They told me that the situation there was very bad with many injured so I decided to join them.

On the way there they continuously talked against the royal family and how the government wanted to kill all the shias in Bahrain. At the university we were searched by the police then entered the university but the doctors and nurse refused to exit from the ambulance to treat the injured as they claimed they were Sunni / Syrian / Yemeni thugs. I went out alone of the ambulance and brought injured people close or into the ambulance so we could treat them. One of the patients needed to be hospitalized so we too him to Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) hospital as he refused to go to Salmaniya. After this the ambulance and doctors refused to go back to the university as there was no more shia students there and only sunni youth left, so we returned to Salmaniya. 

At the evening around 8.30 pm, 3 Bangladeshi patients were brought in, on seriously injured with multiple head trauma, one with deep cut on left shoulder (taken to theatre) and a third with knife wound to the back. It was difficult to arrange CT scan and X-rays for these patients as sisters in the R.R purposely delayed helping and treating this patients.

After these 6-7 Pakistani were brought in, with tied hands and feet. I witnessed these patients who were badly beaten, hurt and cut with swords were being harassed, beaten and treated badly by the thugs and hospital auxiliary staff on the way to the R.R. At first we were told by the thugs and forced to treat them while their hands and feet are still tied, to which our senior doctor (Dr.Amjad) refused and opened the ropes himself.

While taking history and treating these poor and scared Pakistani patients who were obviously laborers, random people would come and take pictures and video and ask them how much money they too from government to kill shias. The R.R nurses refused to help them or help me to help them saying “They are government dogs, they deserve what happened to them and they should die!’

All the Bahraini shia nurses together on this point in the R.R and the patients just lay there without treatment.
The stable patients were then taken to the step down rooms of A and B behind door as the mob of protesters were continuously trying to get in to threaten them or beat them. False rumors was being told outside to the protesters that these people were spies of the government and secret police who took money for killing shia people in Manama.

Passing by A and B room I was witness to random people beating, punching these Pakistani patients with no action from hospital security. No doctors or administration staff doing anything to help them so I decided to do something myself by instructing all patients to be transferred to B room for security and called 4 security to guard the room. Later on I have seen protesters with knives and small swords hidden under clothes and jackets trying to get in to room B to harm these patients. Their CPR and mobiles were confiscated. They were repeatedly threatened that they would be killed today in the hospital.

One of the shia mullah outside with the aid of 5-6 other men wearing green security jackets and Dr.Saed Samahiji (Ophthalmology) assisted in interrogation, blackmailing each patients in B room for at least 15 minutes each while filming with video camera forcing them to make false confessions.

These injured patients many of them could not still get X-rays were not able to get out of the room,  knives were held to their necks and they were repeatedly slapped, beaten and forced to say on video camera that they took 20 B.D from government to kill shias and that they are undercover police for interior. Dr.Samahiji actively assisted them in this interrogation with every patient. I watched this for 4 patients and when I tried to stop them by saying what they were doing is illegal, they put a curtain around me and pushed me out, saying “this is not your business!”

I informed my senior Dr.Dunia hashmi who came and saw the situation in B room with her own eyes of this inhumane abuse of patients. We informed Dr.Amin Awadhi (Chief medical staff) who decided arrange transfer to BDF as it was not safe here and this was a serious security concern. He told us to make a list of all patients and give him so he could give the details to BDF.

My self and Dr.Iqbal making a list in B room. Dr. Samahiji aggressively came and told us to stop this and forcefully took the paper from my hand which I took back from him. Another lady lab assistant started shouting that this doctor is helping these Pakistani murders and said I should be fine filmed and my name taken and I should be punished. Another lady doctor from Psychiatry was watching all this. I told Dr.Samahiji that I was not afraid of him and his thugs and if  he had a problem with Dr.Amin Awafhi’s order, then he should talk to him. 

It should be noted that all nurses in B room are witness to all the events taking place in B room.

I gave the list to Dr.Dunia Hashmi outside B room and the thugs took it away from her and she easily gave it to him. He said “These people cannot leave the hospital!” and hospital security said loudly to me that there is message inside for you” if you don’t stop what you are doing right now, you are making serious trouble for yourself and we will take care of you!”. This direct threat to me was witnessed by Dr.Dunia, Dr. Iqbal and Dr. Nabeel Bastawisi.

I went with Dr. Dunia to R.R who told me I should leave the hospital straight away as terrorists were inquiring about me and my CPR and I was in serious danger if I did not leave. I told her that I will not leave until I’m sure that the Pakistani patients are safe. I waited in R.R till the confirmation came that BDF accepted the patients and I was escorted by one of the brother (Abdulshaheed) from the back door of gynecology to my car. I was advised not to come to the hospital for a few days as these terrorists will try to look for me and harm me. I left home at 12.30 am.

Later, Dr. Moncef took the patients to X-ray and shifted the patients from behind the hospital in 3 ambulances to BDF at 1.30 am.

It is to be noted that many people involved in this scenario I cannot identify by name but by face recognition.
I only wish and request the government and royal family that the people involved in this unethical and inhuman abuse be brought to justice. 

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