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A Cosmic Mind - By Rik Clay - Part 1 - About Me.

About Me (Rik Clay 1982-2008)

Aged 25, I attended and completed both compulsory education (the national mind-control curriculum) and university, whilst working on a musical endeavour in which I released 2 albums nationwide, 
shot music videos and toured the UK & Europe religiously. My band ‘FULC‘ received rave reviews and praise in the likes of Kerrang, Metal Hammer and Rock Sound magazine. 

The band occupied a good 6 years of my life in which I was lead guitarist and backing vocalist.
Due to my musical passion, I developed skills in graphic design / web design / flash and all other things multimedia, as an aid for promotion.
Shortly after FULC’s demise in 2005, I began my own solo electronica project called ‘Somewhere Not Here‘ and teamed up with the guys in ‘Ten Seconds Of Chaos‘ from Leeds. 
Both were short-lived due to my urge for some true personal development.
I realised a ‘real job’ was needed to fund my aspirations. Seven years, working in local independent record stores had to come to an end, and so I moved on to what I thought was the dream job – but oh, how I was wrong.
Ethical travel company! Who thought of that one? An ethical travel company who’s owner becomes a millionaire and buys a mansion in Greece, and then sells out to First Choice Holidays… poor poor gullible students. Never take an organised ‘Gap Year’ – do it yourselves!
And so my perceptions started to shift to cut a long story short…
I travelled to Egypt and took a boat up the Nile from Aswan to Luxor before moving on to Cairo to see the pyramids at Giza, Saqqara and Dashur. 
Meditating in the ‘Kings Chamber’ is one of those experiences you’ll never forget.
On my return, I was introduced to Julia, a lady who was to become my Reiki Master. 
Over a series of weeks, Julia trained me to Reiki Level II – a life changing gift.
The summer of 2007, showed me the true meaning of synchronicity. Experiences, too long and complicated to explain, involved the crop circles in Wiltshire, Glastonbury
Daniel Pinchbeck (author of 2012: The Year Of The Mayan Prophecy), David Shayler (self-declared reincarnation of the Yeshua spirit), Stonehenge, Avebury and the islands of Malta and Gozo.
Along came winter, leaving me no option but to start my studies… oh and squeeze a trip to the Yucatan in Mexico, to get a feel for the home of 2012.
Where I stand today? There is a problem with the state of our environment. There is a problem with society. There is a problem with our governments. There is a problem with this corrupt pyramid of power enslaving our planet. But… there is hope!

Rik Clay's ashes were scattered on Sept 11 2008 

Rik Clay disappeared from his regular forums, took his website down and his parents claimed he was "Emotionally Exhausted" , weeks went by, people pretending to be Rik Clay frequently posted comments on the David Icke forums and facebook to claim Rik didn't want to carry on his work.

Everything connected to Rik's work was removed and a few weeks later Rik Clay was found dead, apparently from suicide. 

R.I.P Rik Clay... A truly cosmic mind!!!

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