Monday, February 13, 2012

@BetsyBBahrain: Happy Anniversary Your Majesty

The poem is written by @BetsyBBahrain

I was Inspired to write this after we voted for Al Methaq and when I saw and felt the love Bahrainis have for their King.

Happy Anniversary Your Majesty
Feb 14th Day of Love

For the Love of a King

With a heart so pure it defies mere words
With a love so tender it need not be spoken
He gives himself, unwavering unstinting
Such is the Love of a King

They feel his caress, light as a dove’s wing
They show their delight, waving, smiling
Life is harmony, joy abundant
With the Love of a King

In times of trial and in fortune
His duty is clear, his vision unshaken,
He fails them not, their hopes unbroken
Breathing the Love of a King

See the pride, feel the love
Resounding in all who know him
Reassured they fight and sigh
For the Love of a King

Betsy B. Mathieson ©
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